The Sumy Food Industry College of the National University of Food Technologies 

    General information about the college

   The Sumy Food Industry College of the National University of Food Technologies is a state educational institution of the first level of accreditation. It acts in accordance with the law about education. Sumy Food Industry College is a structural subdivision.

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Registered address: 68, Volodymyrskaya Street, Kyiv, 01033 Ukraine.

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Sumy Food Industry College 60, Yaroslava Mudrogo Street, Sumy, 40009, Ukraine.

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    Sumy Food Industry College was founded on October 1, 1928 when the chemical branch of the sugar industry was opened at  Sumy Mechanical School.

    In 1930, August 24 the Chemical College of  Sugar Industry was established on the basis of this department, which was renamed to the Technological Technical School of  Sugar Industry in August 1, 1934.

     In 1937,  Chemical Engineering College united with Accounting College. It was  Sumy Technological College.

    Since January 8, 1944, the Technical School began its work under the name of Sumy Technological College of Sugar Industry.

     In 1996, the educational institution was renamed to the Sumy Technical School of Food Industry.

     On July 3, 2003, by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Technical School was transferred to the National University of Food Technologies (Kyiv) and it was named Sumy Food Industry College NUFT.

    Since September 1, 2004, the Sumy Regional Education and Research Center of the National University of Food Technologies  ( the IV th   level of accreditation)  has been established on the basis of the college. Our graduates  have the opportunity to enter the third course of this faculty and  get higher education in the related specialty.

     According to the order of the National University of Food Technologies dated November 6, 2015, No. 176,  Sumy Food Industry Technical School NUFT was renamed to the Sumy Food Industry College NUFT.

List of educational and professional training programsof junior specialists 

Sumy Food Industry College NUFT
Branch of knowledge


Name Code Specialty Educational program,specialization


Information Technology 123 Computer Engineering Maintenance of computer systems and networks
15 Automation andInstrumentation 151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies Installation, maintenance of means and systems of automation of technological production
18 Production and Technology 181 Food Technology  Production of bread, confectionery, macaroni products and food concentrates
Production of Sugar and Polysaccharides
Food production
24 Service sector 241 Hotel-restaurant business Restaurant service

      In addition to the educational and scientific processes, students take an active part in the college`s social, cultural and sport activities. Many students are attracted to all-time participation in amateur-talent groups and creative studios. Such events as Day of Health, Cossacks Persecution take place at our college every year.

Much attention  is paid to physical training classes and military-patriotic work at our college.  There are a lot of different types of sport clubs at the college. There are such sport sections at sport club “Yunist” as mini football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and floorball.

      The college teams  constantly take an active part in the sport events of the city and  region. As a rule, our students win prizes.

     For the purpose of vocational guidance, championships, tournaments, competitions are held between the teams of city schools and youth sport clubs.                                  

  Teaching Staff

      Successful educational process of the college is guaranteed by the high professional level of its teachers.

     The educational process in college is provided by 46 full-time teachers, among them 2 teachers of methodology, 4 senior lecturers, 32 teachers of the highest qualification category, including 6 candidates of science. Also 6 teachers of the first qualification category, 7 teachers of the second qualification category and 1 teacher specialist.


       The college library offers a wide range of high quality resources and services to support our students.

      The library fund is formed according to the profile of the institution and information needs of all categories of users. There are a lot of textbooks, periodicals, reference books, dictionaries, methodical literature. Internet and electronic resources are available.

       In addition to the basic literature, one can find and use e-books and periodicals. Also there are a lot of computer programs and electronic educational tests which are created by teachers of our college and loaded in the computer ‘s network.

      The Library Fund has 48860 copies, including educational literature – 40492 copies, periodical professional editions – about 1000 copies. Library fund is constantly updated, maintained at the required quantitative and qualitative levels.

       The college library has separate, modernly equipped rooms for the arrangement of the subscription. Reading room, bookshops are of total area about 205 sq. m .. Reading room area is 52 sq. m. and has 45 seats. The reading room has computers for students with free Internet access.

      The college created an information and copying center, which is a structural unit of the library and provides students with electronic media literature access. Students can work with laptops, use the WI-FI service, print educational and teaching materials.

      The library page is available on the official website of the college and in social networks. It provides information about the history of the library, its activities, goals and rules. There is an electronic catalogue of the books stock. Also e-books are created.

The Library constantly informs about interesting materials, current news, announcements, etc.

 The material and technical base of the college.

               The college is located in two educational buildings, the total area of ​​which is 10804.1 square meters. The training area is 3918.5 sq. m., which is 6.5 square meters per student of full-time education (at normative indicators of DBN V.2.2-3-97 depending on the purpose of the study premises from 2.4 to 6.0 sq. for 1 student). The main building is connected with the transition from a hostel of sectional type to 450 seats, where a paramedical station with an insulator with a total area of ​​72 square meters is located. Our students are provided with hostel. All household and auxiliary appartments are enforced with sanitary standards.

              In 1996 a computer center was created. It includes 7 computer classes.

          College computers are integrated into a single local network running the WINDOWS 2008 SERVER and FREE BSD server, which provides students and faculty with access to information from any workplace. The college is connected to the Internet using the ADSL line. All network computers have access to Internet resources. The college has a Wi-Fi wireless coverage area.

         The hostel has its own local network, which is connected to the college network and to the Internet.

       All faculties are equipped with multimedia equipment, namely multimedia projectors, DVDs and flash players, televisions and multimedia boards. The total number of multimedia projectors is 13 pcs.

         There is a roomy canteen in our college with 120 seats.

       There is a gum to conduct training classes at the college. It is located in a separate building with total area of ​​474 sq. m: a gymnastic complex, a sports ground, a military barrier with obstacles, power and wrestling rooms with appropriate sporting projectiles and inventory, 25-meter rifle shooting range.

        According to the existing curricula and programs of training specialists in the college there are 22 specialized laboratories, 27 class rooms, which have the necessary logistic support, give out safety equipment and the current sanitary and hygienic standards. The classrooms and laboratories are equipped with a fire alarm system.

            Scientific activity

            Science is an integral part of the college`s educational process that provides an opportunity to enhance the quality of professional training.

        The scientific work of college teachers covers the following areas: individual scientific activities (publications and participation in scientific conferences and seminars), postgraduate study and research work, defense of dissertations and preparation for their presentations, publication of monographs, textbooks and articles.

          Areas of scientific research works of teachers who have already degrees are various.

        In particular, the deputy director of educational work Ph.D. Zigunov O.M., chairman of the faculty “Installation, maintenance of means and systems of automation of technological production”, lecturer of special disciplines, Ph.D. Zaika V.I, lecturer of special disciplines, Ph.D. Stetsenko D.O carry out scientific work in the field of automation control of processes.

         Head of educational and production practice, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Lysenko V.М. works in the field of cybernetics and control systems, is a co-author of the scientific work “Analog Circuitry”.

        Teacher of special disciplines, Ph.D. Lobacheva N.L. conducts scientific work in the field of technology of bakery products, confectionery and food concentrates.

       Teacher of history Kovalenko L.I. defended a dissertation “Sumy`s archives in political, economical and cultural life of Ukrainian society late 30`s early 60`s XX century” and got a scientific candidate`s degree of history. Also Kovalenko L.I. is a co-author of the scientific work “Archives of Sumy Region”.

         Teacher Zudina L.V. conducts scientific research and writes a dissertation work on physical chemistry.

        Teacher of special disciplines Chernysh L.M. completed her studies at the NUFT Graduate School and successfully defended her dissertation (February 2018). Chernysh L.M. got three patents for a new working out.

      The results of the scientific activity of the teachers of our college are reflected in the publications of the scientific professional journals «Baking and confectionery industry of Ukraine», «Grain crops and feed», «Current scientific researches in the modern world», « Bulletin of NTU «KhPI», «Sugar of Ukraine», European Journal of Advanced Technology.

       “Food Industry”, “Technological Audit and Production Reserves” articles are presented in the journal of scientific works of NUFT, in the collection of scientific works of the T. Shevchenko National University.

     Teachers of our college take an active part in international and all-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences. The reports of the participants of the conferences are presented in the collections of materials of the mentioned conferences.

       The research work of students is intended to help students to improve and master the studying material, methods and means of solving industrial and scientific tasks. It helps to get new skills and perform their work in educational and extra-curricular classes.

      Scientific research work of students is carried out through the implementation of complex tasks during practical classes. Students are engaged in taking part of producing laboratory stands, installations and equipment models. The results of the work are used in the educational process. Senior students design new computer, programs WEB-sites. Great attention is paid to the diploma projects performing. These diploma projects are ordered by enterprises. It has the elements of scientific research work. We always have some different companies` cover letters.

          Every year a college holds a scientific and practical conferences, where students present their scientific works and achievements.

          Students take an active part in the regional contest of local lore studies among students of institutions of I-II accreditation levels.

                 International Cooperation

       In 2018, a cooperation agreement was signed between Sumy Food Industry College NUFT and the LLC International College of Industrialization and Protection of the Population against Disasters and Accidents (Bulgaria, Varna). The aim of the agreement is to provide students with competencies and necessary educational skills. It is a great opportunity to use research activities and get a new experience.

       Sumy Food Industry College has a glorious history, outstanding graduates and achievements.

        We carefully preserve the whole experience of the past and our traditions.